28 August


Originally posted on 14 June. At the end of my introductory musing I mentioned that my next would be on the subject of the author’s voice. That is such an important topic, but it will have to wait a little, I’m afraid. Instead I’m going to make an announcement: My membership of my professional organisation, the SfEP (Society for Editors and Proofreaders), has today been upgraded to Advanced Professional, meaning that I am ‘held to demonstrate a high level of professional competence and substantial experience’. I can’t tell you how proud I am to be a member of SfEP,

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25 November

What Is Editing

What is editing? What are the different levels of editing?

With grateful thanks to Averill Buchanan and her colleagues at EPANI There are several different types of editorial work you can have done to your text (to confuse matters even more, UK and US/Canadian editors often use different terms to describe the same thing). Here are some of the main types of editorial work, listed in the order in which they follow in the publishing process:

  • manuscript assessment (or critique or appraisal)
  • development/structural editing
  • copy-editing
  • proofreading

Manuscript assessment/critique/appraisal is a broad assessment of your manuscript by

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06 October


My Services There are several stages involved in the editing process, although not every author will need to use all of them. Often I will be approached by an author for proofreading, when what they really want – or need – is line-editing. For a summary of the different stages please click here [link to ‘What is Editing’ in Links & tips], but in brief the services I offer are:

  • Line-editing or copy-editing – this is the process by which fresh text is prepared for publication. It involves a word by word thorough reading in order to
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