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The writing of a novel may be the product of years of toil; of late nights at a glowing screen after your children have gone to bed; of lonely mornings with your notebook and pencil and only a slowly cooling cup of coffee for company; of manic getting-up in the middle of the night to scribble down an idea that’s just landed in your subconscious – all and more of these. The result is the product of your imagination – delivered as bubbling creativity, or squeezed, kicking and screaming from your inner psyche. Or indeed many other things, as referenced by the ways writers have written about their art over the centuries.

You are now so close to your creation that you are desperate to share it with the world. This is the point when only a fresh pair of eyes can help you get your book into shape, ready for you to submit it to an agent for traditional publishing, or for you to take the step so many authors are taking nowadays – self-publishing.


Some of my Services:

There are several stages involved in the editing process, although not every author will need (or want) to use all of them. Often I will be approached by an author for proofreading, when what they really want is line-editing. For a summary of the different stages please click here , but in brief the services I offer are:

  • Line-editing or copy-editing – this is the process by which fresh text is prepared for publication. It involves a word by word thorough reading in order to correct issues with grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, repetition, tense, style, flow, word or phrase overuse, and appropriate vocabulary
  • Proofreading – the final stage before publication. Corrects typos, spelling, layout, pagination etc
  • For copy writing, please visit the website of my sister business Words Into Motion

My charges vary according to the complexity of the project, and it would be virtually impossible to give even a ball-park figure here. However, my charges are in line with SfEP guidelines which are given as an hourly rate. I can also quote per one thousand words, which is sometimes easier to understand. I always ask for a 50% deposit. My fee (assuming the project is delivered to me as a Word file) covers:

  • The work agreed (copy-editing, proofreading, or ‘proof-editing’)
  • Your work returned to you in three Word files, one with all Track Changes and comments showing, one with all changes accepted but comments still showing, and one ‘clean’ copy
  • A comment/query/style sheet, where I will elaborate on any comments annotated to the manuscript, add any queries or suggestions for you to follow up on, and any particular points of style which will be useful for your publisher, and for you if (for example) there’s going to be a sequel
  • A follow up email

If you would like a further edit following any revisions you make then a further fee will be negotiated.

Please feel free to contact me to discuss your requirements. I would be happy to do a sample edit and return it to you with my quote (maximum 1,000 words – but feel free to send me more to read!).


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